Western Chiropractic is here to help you move beyond your limits.  We strive to educate and inform you on how to reach your optimal health potential. We value each and every interaction and recognize the opportunity we have with you to make a positive difference in your health. 

Patients will be given an individualized treatment plan that is tailored towards their specific health and wellness needs. One or a combination of the following forms of therapy will be utilized:


Chiropractic Adjustment

One of the most common treatments used by Chiropractors is referred to as manipulaton or an adjustment. This safe and effective hands-on treatment restores normal joint motion to promote healing while relieving associated pain and discomfort and improve overall joint function.


Activator Instrument

This widely researched Chiropractic technique can be used to assess and treat musculoskeletal dysfunction. The Activator provides a controlled, gentle impulse that is comfortable for the patient. 

Rehabilitative Exercises

If necessary, in-office or at home exercises may be instructed to facilitate the healing process. Rehabilitative exercises are integral for building muscular strength and optimizing joint function in order to prevent future injury.


Myofascial Release

Soft tissue therapy can be used to help restore normal  muscle length and promote optimal joint function. Myofascial release also breaks down scar tissue and adhesions in and around the joints which will increase joint range of motion.